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Play Hidden Expedition Everest, a hidden object puzzle game where you need to find cunningly concealed objects to travel around the world. You quest takes you to Nepal where you must finally scale the tallest mountain in the world and beat other teams to the top of Mt Everest to claim your prize.


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Hidden Expedition Everest game screenshotHere's a game where you can have heaps of fun solving puzzles and finding hidden objects while climbing the tallest mountain in the world.

Hidden Expedition Everest is a fun, fast paced hidden object game where you race around the world and finally be the first to reach the top of Mt Everest. Solve clues, find hidden objects and battle against other teams who are trying to beat you to the top of the world.

You will have a world famous mountain climber Ed Viesturs to help you on you quest and the game play will keep you glued to your computer for hours trying to solve puzzles from all over the world. Start in South America and make your way to the slopes of Mt Everest.

Are you up for the challenge? Play Hidden Expedition Everest Online.

Hidden Expedition Everest Game Hints & Tips

  • Remember that some words in the English language mean various things, for example a spade could be a shovel or a playing card suite.
  • You won't lose time by clicking something if you are unsure, but you will lose time if you click it 2 or 3 times in a row
  • Try to find the 5 gems before finishing a scene as you can't go back and find them later on
  • Gems give you an extra hint and slows down the other teams
  • As you hunt for items in the jumbled scenes, keep an eye on the moving arrows at the bottom of the screen
  • In the "find 5" and "find 20" games you can't earn more hints, but you can still use any hints you have left over from the previous scenes
  • Try moving some of the pieces around to clear up space on the board if you having a little trouble. Press the space-bar to rotate the puzzle pieces, but you have to pick the piece up first by clicking on it
  • On the final level you can pull the lever at any time to see if you placed all the pieces correctly
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