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This web page contains an awesome selection of free shooting games contained in the Itexpressions website. Enjoy the totally free shooting games and have fun. These are flash games that you can play online in your browser, no download necessary to play.

The wild west was rough and life was hard, yet sometimes today's world is just as tough. You can be a urban sniper or practice your shooting skills and keep the Easter Egg train safe. These online shooting games are fabulous and best of all free to play online.


Play Online Shooting Games

Choice of free online shooting games that can be played in your own browser, no download or registration required. There are some fabulous games within our selection, yet personal favorites would be Urban Sniper, Raft Wars, Bunny Defense Force and Joe's Last Stand.

Whatever game you choose to play online shooting games are awesome fun and totally addictive.

No download required, no need to sign up for anything or leave your email addy so you can get heaps of spam. We supply just totally free shooting games for you to play online and leave all that other garbage to other, shall we say, unscrupulous webmasters.

Because these games are developed in flash, they do take a few minutes to load in your browser. Nevertheless, they are awesome to play online and shooting games that you will want to play time and again. Remember to try my favorite, Urban Sniper.

Deadly Dwarves ImageDeadly Dwarves
Dwarves are on the rampage. You have one choice. Defend yourself or be killed.

Joes Last Stand mutant sheep shooting game. Joe's Last Stand
Shoot mutant sheep. Stop them from eating Joe's radish garden.

Bunny Defense Force Shooting Game Bunny Defense Force
Keep the Easter Egg Train safe from alien attack.

Look Out Lady Bug Look Out Lady Bug
Fly through a bug infested garden full of blood sucking pests.

Urban Sniper Game Image Urban Sniper 2
Take out the mob one by one, be the ultimate hit man!

Balloon Invasion Image Balloon Invasion
Defend your country from invading balloons. This is war!

Brave Dragon thumbnail image Brave Dragon
Fight mankind, save the dragon clan from extinction.

raft wars image Raft Wars
Defend the island from greedy hordes!

Vinnie Shooting Yard Vinnie Shooting Yard 2
Target practice in the urban jungle!

Sea Guard
Western Shoot
The Professionals
Star Defender 4
Luxor Quest for Afterlife
Urban Sniper
Black Ops Korean Conflict
Bongo Balls
Bush Shoot-Out
Rocket Rescue
Clay Pigeon Shooter
Ammo Ambush 2
Argent Burst
Play Beadz Online!
Carnival Shooter
Two 3
Flash Strike
Office Paintball
Space Bugs

Wild West Game ImageWild Wild West
Classic shooting game in frontier town.

Robo Slug 2
Clown Killer 2
Rapid Fire
Presidential Paintball
Bomber Bob

We hope you like our selection, it's a fairly extensive collection of games so that you can play online shooting games for free, right in your browser. Enjoy!