Flash Strike Screenshot 1Flash Strike Shooting Game

You need a steady hand and keen eye to survive in the wild shooting game. The baddies just keep coming at you so you want to aim straight and true.

Flash Strike is one of the best online shooting games around, with in game options to help you succeed in your quest. Play Flash Strike online.


Flash Strike Shooting Game

What would you do if confronted by gun toting criminals? Grab a gun and fight you way out of it I would imagine.

Flash Strike is a shooting game where you get a few chances to show how good is your aim. Make sure you have a good sight, watch the moves of the enemy closely and don't rush things. You will make more hits if you don't panic.

Don't just keep blasting away as you do run out of ammunition and need to reload. When this happens you are vulnerable to be hit yourself, so aim straight and steady and take the enemy out before they get you.

Play Flash Strike online shooting game below. It's a good challenge and a must for all shooting fans.

Flash Strike Playing Instructions

  • Mouse: Position where to shoot
  • Mouse Button: Shoot
  • E Key: Take Cover
  • R Key: Reload
  • 1 / 2 / Q Keys: Select weapon
  • F Key: Throw flash bang grenade (temporarily stuns baddies)