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Use your fairy magic to rid the wonderland of Feyuna from evil. Clear the evil little demons from the land by selecting and eliminating all same colored evil. This is not just an endless click and clear game. You need to plan your moves so that the entire board can be cleared. This is the only way that you can defeat the evil demons and free Feyruna.


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Feyruna Fairy Forest Action Game Feature Image. What would you do if you were called upon to lead a frightened people from danger?

The land of Feyruna is in turmoil, they urgently need you to help them in their time of need. The evil Princes of Darkness turned Feyruna from a peaceful wonderland into a chaotic, terrible place to live.

The terrified inhabitants need help from someone with special powers. Are you the special person who can restore Feyuna to a mystical fairy forest?

You have the magic powers to fly across the Fairy Forest, casting spells and driving out evil. Friendly creatures like Butterflies, Ghost Lights and enchanted Glow Worms will help to drive away the dark forces. You are Feyruna's light in the sky.

Feyruna Fairy Forest is an enchanting fairy game full of wonderful action and magic. Download the free game and enjoy one of the most popular story tales yet to hit the gaming community.

Play Feyruna Fairy Forest Online.