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Fashion Story game has you running a fashion agency and choosing clothes for your model friends. Make sure they are dressed correctly and receive huge bonuses. Enjoy the glamor of the fashion world.

Can you run a beauty agency and dress your model right. Play Fashion Story and enjoy the glamour of super clothes shopping.


Play Fashion Story Online

Fashion Story game screen image. Run a beauty agency and make sure your friends are dressed just right. It's hard choosing the right clothes for the right venue and your help and expert knowledge of the fashion industry can make sure your friends don't look like dorks.

Fashion Story is a great puzzle game where you, playing as Mia, the owner of a fashion agency, match clothes with the girls and make them glamorous.

Clothes make a woman more than glamorous, it's a way of life, the doorway to romance and adventure. Yes, fashion is not just a game, it's serious stuff and now you are in charge.

Swap items such as lipstick, combs and mirrors to proceed through each level. There are extra lives on offer if your fast and these will be needed as the levels become harder as you progress. The clock really comes into play around the third level of the game, so keep on your toes.

As you begin there are helpful in game hints, so you can start straight into the game without reading how to play if you want a quick start.

Fashion Story, play online for free no download and enjoy shopping the easy way.

Fashion Story Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Fashion story is a matching puzzle game where very few, if any, hints, tips or cheats are needed to enjoy the full game.
  • We have found that keeping an keen eye for matching tiles is all you need to do to play Fashion Story online.