Dune Buggy game logo Image Online Dune Buggy Racing Game

Play online Dune Buggy racing game. Race against clock, collect bonus stars, score huge points. This is a pretty good online game which takes a little while to build your skill.

There are lots of bonus stars to collect and tricks to complete. Beat your highest score but don't roll your dune buggy. Awesome!


Play Dune Buggy Racing Game

Dune Buggy game Screen Shot. Here's a game for all the fans of off road racing, play online Dune Buggy racing game and see how you control these fun vehicles.

In Dune Buggy you can jump, do tricks and race against the clock to earn huge scores. Watch out for the traps and don't roll your dune buggy or your out of the race.

I could play this game for hours, and don't let the flash graphics fool you, you will need all your skill to get your Dune Buggy from the start to finish without a major accident.

Enjoy playing Dune buggy online. We certainly do!

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Dune Buggy Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Up Arrow to move forward
  • Down arrow to move backward
  • Space bar to jump
  • Jump to collect the bonus stars
  • Watch out for the skulls
  • Hitting a skull you lose health
  • Don't flip the dune buggy onto the roof or you lose