Quad Bike imageDune Bashing In Dubai Bike Racing Game

Play Dune Bashing In Dubai Online Game

Get your quad bike out, it's time to go dune bashing! Dune Bashing in Dubai is a fast action packed bike racing game where you ride over the sand dunes without falling off. Complete each level and rack up a great score. Play Dune Bashing in Dubai online now.


Dune Bashing In Dubai Bike Racing Game

Take to the sand dunes on your quad bike and beat your best score over the dunes. You have a few lives so don't worry about falling off at first because you will get better quad bike riding skills as your dune bashing experience grows.

This is a fast paced action packed game where you race your quad bike over sand dunes, up and down the hills and do it in the fastest time possible. Are you up for the challenge?

Called Dune Bashing in Dubai, this bike racing game is a challenge for all. Bookmark this page so you can come and play online often and don't forget to share it with your friends.

This dune bashing game would be ideal to play as an online competition between your friends to see who can score the best points. Enjoy!

How to play Dune Bashing in Dubai Bike Racing Game

Use the keyboard arrows to control the quad bike.
Up arrow = accelerate forward
Down arrow = brake or reverse
Left arrow = lean back
Right arrow = lean forward

Quad bike Dune Bashing game hints & tips

  • To score you need to complete at least one level.
  • Control your bike by leaning forward and backward so the bike doesn't tip over.
  • Lean forward going up hill.
  • Lean back going down hill.