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Play Dream Chronicles adventure puzzle game online and enjoy finding hidden objects and solving mysterious puzzles that has the town of Wish in such a dreamy state.

Queen Lilith has cast a sleeping spell on everyone in the land. You are challenged to save the good people by finding objects, valuable jewels and working your way through many scenes during your quest. Lift the spell that has enveloped the town of Wish and awaken the inhabitants.


Play Dream Chronicles Online

Dream Chronicles Screenshot Image. Another great game along the lines of hidden object games with many twists and turns. This is undoubtedly one of the best puzzle games yet and will see you playing this game for many hours at a time until you complete all 32 levels.

In Dream Chronicles you find objects then solve puzzles to help the town of Wish escape from the evil spell that has been placed upon the town. Just make sure you run your cursor over everything in a scene as you never know which item is important.

Faeries have crafted jewels which you can collect and will reveal additional information.

With fantastic graphics, 32 testing levels and 18 chapters of thrilling game play, gamers everywhere are saying that this is one of the best hidden object game introduced to date.

Play Dream Chronicles Hidden Object Game Online below and enjoy the fantasy challenge.

Dream Chronicles Game Hints & Tips

  • To open the trapdoor, move the wagon, use the screwdriver to unscrew the hinges then use the horse to bang on the trapdoor and it will open
  • In the puppet theater you must put the right heads on the puppets, so make sure you read the screen at beginning of puppet level because it gives you a major clue
  • Whatever object you can pick up will be useful during the game
  • Always take notice of the narrative.
  • Play Dream Chronciles Hidden Object Game Online No Download