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Online Dirt Bike Game is a flash animated game that loads fast for online gaming. Ride your dirt bike over the obstacles without being injured, that's the challenge you face in this great dirt bike riding game. See if you can last the hills and valley to win.


Play Free Dirt Bike Games Online

Like to ride a dirt bike, then take the online test and see if your skills are up to scratch with this addictive flash game.

Ride your dirt bike over the obstacles without crashing if you can and amass a huge score. You know you want to try it, so let's go!

This game is not as easy as it seems so you will have to use the keyboard pad to get your way across the obstacles, there are extra levels, so as your playing skill improves you move up and obtain higher scores.

This is a really good game and a great test of game skills. If you crash, keep trying as much as you like. Unlimited game try's and unlimited fun. Try our Online Dirt Bike game below. It's totally free.

Play Dirt Bike Games Online
Game Instructions:

  • Control the Stunt Dirt bike with the arrow keys.
  • You can tilt forwards and backwards to get over obstacles
  • Keyboard Controls:
  • Up Arrow = Accelerate
  • Down Arrow = Brake & Reverse
  • Right Arrow = Lean forward
  • Left Arrow = Lean back