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Cradle of Rome Match 3 Puzzle Game

Build an empire by solving puzzles in fun yet challenging match 3 game. Become Caesar, Emperor of Roman Empire, rebuild Rome to it's former glory. We have a full list of Cradle of Rome game hints, tips to help you build your empire.

This is an awesome challenge in a tile matching wau and an online game you really should't miss..


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screen shot Cradle of Rome game interfaceRome was the center of the world and ruled a mighty kingdom in the days before Christ. From Egypt to Germany and as far as Britain, Rome's influenced was mighty, strict and harsh. Christians were fed to lions and gladiators fought to the death to amuse the citizens of Rome.

Now you can rebuild Rome by playing this fantastic puzzle game and bring it back to rule the world once more, from the cradle of life.

But don't worry. Playing this game won't really bring back those days and anyway, lions are so much harder to find. Gladiators are extinct, except on television shows. Christians on the other hand are everywhere. You seem to find them in churches all over the place.

Cradle of Rome is a great puzzle game where you start with just one villager and build a mighty Roman Empire. Buy a sawmill, then a forge, add some houses, build temples and construct the Coliseum, Senate Forum and Pantheon.

Build a great city from a small village and be rewarded with the people paying homage to you, Great Caesar. Visit with the gods of the earth, dine with Cleopatra, this game will delight you with many levels and is a great game for history buffs.

Cradle of Rome Hints & Tips

  • Three tiles make a match, four tiles or more will earn extra resources
  • Finish each level as quickly as possible so you can get to Olympus
  • Best to start making matches from the bottom of the screen first
  • Hourglass bonus adds water to the water jug timer giving you more time
  • The Hammer bonus breaks any tile, plaque or chain you choose.
  • Use bonuses as soon as they're replenished. Otherwise, you lose the benefit of additional matches
  • Unlock Farmer (gives 100 units of supplies each level) Make a match of 5 in a row after buying the sawmill
  • Unlock Miner (gives 200 units of supplies each level) Gather 1000 units of supplies in a level after buying the quarry
  • Unlock Wine Maker (gives 300 units of food each level) Make 2 combos successively after buying the Tavern
  • Unlock Peasant (gives 200 units of food each level) Gather 3000 units of food in a level after buying the Field
  • Unlock Miller (gives 100 units of food each level) Make 15 effective moves successively after buying the Mill
  • Unlock Scholar (fill Plus bonus faster) Make 3 combos successively after building Tabularium
  • Unlock Gladiator (fill Shield faster) Make chain reaction of 15 blows after building Colosseum
  • Unlock Orator (fills bonuses quicker) Score 3000 units of gold in a single level after building Forum
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