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Play Cradle of Persia Match 3 Puzzle Game Online No Download

Play Cradle of Persia matching tile game. Uncover the secrets of ancient Persia, a land of magic carpets and powerful genies. Make matches to uncover priceless artifacts and rich treasures. Can you find and be the master of a genie? Play Cradle of Persia online for free, no download,


Play Cradle of Persia Online Puzzle Game No Download

Cradle of Persia game screen imageWouldn't it be fun to have your very own, very powerful Genie to look after you. With a genie to do all your work, give you mountains of riches and able to blink you to anywhere in the world you want, life would be so easy.

Genie,Tahiti, and "poof" your there. What a way to live. Play Cradle of Persia and let your imagination run wild. You never know, it could come true.

Hop on board the magic carpet for an adventure puzzle in ancient lands of Genies and magic spells. Cradle of Persia game is a thrilling mix of puzzle solving and quick reflexes.

You need to find the treasures of ancient Persia, a land of exotic opulence, untold wealth and prosperity. Alas, the sands of time have covered the once mighty nation and hidden the ancient treasures. Can you uncover the mysteries and reveal the magic Genie?

Cradle of Persia is a good challenge and you need to have your wits about you to propel you to the end. An intriguing mix of the usual match 3 action with a twist and turn to keep you engrossed. You must try the Cradle of Persia free download. If you liked Cradle of Rome, you should like their latest PC game.

Cradle of Persia Online Puzzle Game Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Drag your mouse to connect the items
  • Three tiles make a match, four tiles or more will earn extra resources
  • Travel Through 7 Historical Epochs!
  • 100 Engaging Levels!
  • 8 Original Bonus Items!
  • Build The Masterpieces Of Ancient Persia!
  • Play Cradle of Persia Online No Download!