Play Color Trail online, free downloage, Color Trail logo image. Color Trail Online Puzzle Game

Play Color Trail online. No Download. Mervin the Wizard has stole all the color from the Wanda's world. Help put the colors back in Colorworld.

Play Color Trail online totally free. Solve challenging puzzles, make some interesting friends and take on Mervin the Wizard to retore the color to Colorworld. This is an excellent online game that challenges your logic and problem solving abilities.


Color Trail Online Puzzle Game

Color Trail screen image. How would you feel if all the colors went from your world? Wouldn't be a very nice place would it? Little Red Riding Hood would be called Little Black Riding Hood. Not the same ring to it.

What about the deep blue sea? It would be either the black sea or the white sea. Nope not very exciting. Just think of what a sunset would look like without those brilliant colors. Don't even think about it. Terrible thought!

Well if you think living in a black and white world would be bad, come and play Color Trail online and help put all the color back in Wanda's world.

Color Trail is a new puzzle game hitting the PC's and with over 150 diverse levels. 5 different level types and the best graphics for a long time, you will love playing Color Trail right from the beginning to the end.

Solve puzzles, make interesting friends and tangle with the evil wizard Mervin, who has taken all the colors from Colorworld.

Play Color Trail online for free and see if this is the game for you. We are sure you will love this colorful game and the challenges that wait you as you help Wanda defeat the evil wizard Mervin.