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Play Chocolatier Tycoon online and enjoy the challenge of making an empire from delicious chocolates. Build chocolate factory. Buy ingredients, sell, out bid and out smart your competitors, become world's biggest chocolate tycoon.

Play Chocolatier online for free and become the greatest chocolate tycoon on earth. Web page includes great Chocolatier game hints.


Play Chocolatier Tycoon Game Online

Do you love chocolate? Bit of a silly question really. Who doesn't like chocolates and for all us chocolate lovers, here is a great computer game where you can become a chocolate tycoon running your own chocolate factory.

I know a certain young lady who thinks that chocolate should be made free. Her thinking behind this is if everyone could get free chocolate the world would be a better place for all. There would be no wars, because everyone would be happy.

Governments would save billions of dollars on health care. Everyone knows a happier person is a healthier person. And husbands would never get nagged. Wives would love and cherish husbands who supported free chocolate. Perhaps we should start a political party with the main platform being free chocolate for all. I think we would be on a winner.

Speaking of winners, in this chocolate game, use your abundant puzzles skills to travel the world and build a chocolate empire. Become the wold's biggest Chocolate Tycoon. Buy ingredients at the best prices, make and sell chocolate at the biggest profits, buy out competitors but watch your back and your money.

Chocolatier is fast becoming one of the most popular games on the net and you can the game right here online. Awesome! Don't wait, as this is a really fabulous game and the quicker you get started the better your profits will be.

Play Chocolatier Tycoon Game Online

Chocolatier Game Hints, Tips, Cheats:

  • Play Chocolatier Online.
  • Always watch the selling prices of various chocolates. You can optimize profits by making larger amounts of chocolates that sell for a higher price than ones that always sell at lower prices
  • Make sure you pay attention to the movement of chocolate prices. If prices start trending downwards consider switching factory production to a new chocolate recipe in order to keep your profit margins as high as possible.
  • Truffles always seem to earn the best profit margins, chocolate bars earn the lowest. Infusions earn higher margins than chocolate squares.
  • All chocolate recipes use Cacao beans. When Cacao Beans are selling at low prices buy and stock up your inventory.
  • Collect a variety of chocolates to keep handy. Sometimes having a good stock of different chocolate bars, chocolate squares, infusions or truffles will allow you to quickly complete quests.
  • Don't overstock on ingredients that you rarely use. Unused ingredients deteriorate over time which leads to wastage, poor quality chocolates and loss of profits.
  • Use ingredients sparingly. Your efficient performance in the chocolate industry sets ongoing efficiency for that recipe at each individual factory.
  • Play Chocolatier Tycoon Game Online