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Play Cake Mania free online and keep your customers satisfied. In Cake Mania game you are running a bakery business where your time management skills are needed to operate and make enough money to survive.

Play Cake Mania free onlineCake, read game hints & tips and enjoy playing this fun, yet challenging time management game.


Play Cake Mania Online Time Management Game

Jill's in trouble and needs your help so she can open the old bakery her Grandparents owned and make a living. It won't be easy as the Mega Mart downtown will attract a lot of customers, but if you handle the bakery right, you may succeed in the business.

Cake Mania is a fast time management game that keeps you on your toes serving customers and baking cakes. The game play is a bit like Diner Dash in that you need to keep customers satisfied to earn money and progress to the next level, but in this great storyline you have to serve, bake and decorate, now there's a real skill to this game.

As you play Cake Mania you will earn money to upgrade the kitchen and buy new appliances that make your job of managing the bakery easier.

You can buy a television set to keep the customers occupied, just so they don't realize that you took ages and ages to fill their orders. Or you can purchase Jill a new pair of shoes for her tired feet, so she can scoot around the kitchen faster, filling the orders quicker and keeping the customers satisfied. This is fabulous fun that the whole family can play and enjoy.

Talking about the whole family enjoying this game. When my family has a birthday or special occasion event we always have a themed cake. It is my duty as the best looking, brainiest and most adorable family member, to cut the cake, making sure everyone gets an even slice. It's actually amazing that, even though I get the last slice, I always seem to get the largest slice.

Don't tell all those other smucks in the family. I have this inbuilt ability to look at something, divide it into pieces and alway have one piece bigger than the rest. That's why I made it a rule for me to cut the cakes. Some say I have a cake mania. Other say I am simply a maniac. Who's right?

Anyway, back to the main story. Play Cake Mania online for free below right here at or download the game so you can play it on your own computer. Whatever your choice, you are going to love playing Cake Mania.

Cake Mania Online Hints & tips:

  • Buy the TV and the cupcake oven as soon as possible to help keep customers satisfied
  • Tune the TV to the channel that appeals to the most customers waiting in line and serve cupcakes to the rest
  • Women and Dracula like the food channel
  • Men like the news Channel
  • Cupid, the Easter Bunny, kids and Santa like watching cartoons!
  • If your having trouble getting past the cupid section look for the love heart that appears on the counter
  • Upgrade Jills shoes to medium then upgrade to fast fast for later stages
  • On higher levels, don't collect money until you have served everyone in line, then only collect two peoples money, so you only have two people to serve
  • If you can't get past a stage because you don't earn enough money, sell more cakes with decorations on them as they sell for a higher price
  • Make a special cake with decorations and put it on display. More people will order that type of cake when it is displayed
  • Play Cake Mania Online Time Management Game