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Play Burger Shop free. Manage and operate ahamburger joint, make delicious burger recipes and make oodles of money. All that is needed to become filthy rich is just one customer like Homer Simpson and you are made.

Enjoy fast paced action game, solve the riddle of where the burger making machine came from. It may well be something that will make you filthy rich, but wouldn't you like to know where the burger machine came from? Play Burger Shop online and find out.


Play Burger Shop Online

Burger Shop Screen Image. Could you believe your luck when you received the plans for the all new, whizz bang burger machine? It's almost too good to be true. But some people believe anything don't they?

Talking about believing in anything. It's about time some of you folks who play online games sent me brown paper bags filled with cash, instead of sending it to some distant "relative" in Nigeria so you can receive that long lost inheritance.

Sorry, sorry. I know, back to the game.

Oh what you and I could do with a burger making machine. You could open a burger shop and make hamburgers that are out of this world. Surely people will come from everywhere to try out all the new burger recipes. But to be a success in anything you still have to keep the customers satisfied.

You really have to wonder where the plans for the burger making contraption came from, don't you? And why were you chosen as the one to receive the plans and open a burger shop?

Hmmmmm perhaps they really are out of this world, but you will have to play the Burger Shop game and find out for yourself.

Play Burger Shop sim game for free and enjoy the fast paced action in 80 exciting levels. With 8 different restaurants, over 60 upgrade items and 3 different game modes, Burger Shop is one of the newest games around that is fast becoming the most popular free download choice for game play aficionados.

Burger Shop Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • As customers enter the burger joint their orders appear across the top of the screen, with the necessary ingredients listed.
  • Add the correct ingredients in order, and in quick time.
  • When you make a burger or a soda drink, right click on the item and it will be delivered in quick time
  • Follow the on screen tutorial and you can't go wrong