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Play Bomber Bob Online Shooting Game

Bomber Bob is a flash game where you are a Top Gun fighter jet pilot, guarding the navy ship from attack by the enemy aircraft. Your mission is the shoot as many enemy planes and make sure they crash into the sea. Includes how to play, Bomber Bob hints & tips.

Bomber Bob is seriously good fun for all shooting game fans.


Play Bomber Bob Online Shooting Game

We could almost make Bomber Bob a cult hero you know. While I know all about being a cult hero because of my amazing followers in the "Too Stupid" club, it wouldn't take much for Bomber Bob to become almost as popular as I am.

Perhaps we should make Bomber Bob his own Facebook page, join him up for a twitter account and let his own deeds take off. Pun intended.

Bomber Bob is an awesome fighter pilot. At last count he has shot down over, oh it's more than, well to be honest has to be at least... Look, I haven't counted all his kills, but it must be thousands and thousand of enemy planes he has destroyed while protecting the Navy ships.

Unfortunately when I play Bomber Bob, he is the one that gets shot down. (Insert sad face here.)

Here's your chance to be Bomber Bob Top Gun and protect the navy fleet from being attacked by enemy fighter jets. Shoot down the enemy fighter planes before their rockets get you or the ships you are protecting.

This is the original Bomber Bob shooting game, your skill and reflexes as a navy pilot are needed to amass a large score. The more enemy jets you shoot the bigger your score, but don't get hit yourself or you will crash and burn.

Bomber Bob is fabulous fun for all ages and easy to play. You will get better the more that you play so bookmark this page and come often, keep at it until you become a Top Gun.

How to play Bomber Bob

Use your keyboard arrow pad to control the flight of your aircraft.

Up key = fly up
Down key = fly down
Left key = fly left
Right key = fly right
Space bar = shoot bullets

Bomber Bob game hints & tips

  • Hold the space bar down to fire rapidly.
  • Stay back to the left to give yourself more time to dodge the enemies rockets.
  • Work up and down the screen while firing to spray the enemy fighters with bullets