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Monster truck racing at it's beat. Play Big Truck Adventure game. Play online truck racing game, charge around race track, try to conquer the canyon in your monster truck.. Free to play, Big Truck Adventure is fast, it's fun and it's free. Play Big Truck Adventure online truck racing game online.


Big Truck Racing Game Big Truck Adventures

Big Truck Adventure screen shot Great flash online truck racing game for truck racing enthusiasts, Big Truck Adventure has you racing your monster truck up and down hills way out in the wild canyon.

The game is fairly straight forward, use the arrow keys to accelerate and give yourself a power boost at the correct time and get to the finish line in fastest time.

The skill in Big Truck Adventure game comes by not flipping the truck onto the roof. If you do, back to the start you go and try again mate!

This game reminds me of a bike game we have. Perhaps it's my imagination, which you must have a fair bit of playing games of this ilk. Perhaps the developers looked at the dirt bike game and agreed it was good, so why not do something similar. No matter what was going on in their brains, you are the winner as this is simple yet enjoyable online game. Just as it should be.

I give Big Truck Adventure a four from five rating just for the truck racing thrill. Like most flash games, this isn't a hard challenge but it's free and nothing to download so that is a big bonus. Give it a try, it's a popular online truck racing game for many good gamers.

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Play Big Truck Racing Online Big Truck Adventures Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Use arrow keys to steer truck
  • Up Arrow = Accelerate
  • Down Arrow = Reverse
  • Left & Right Arrows = Rotate Truck
  • Shift Key = Turbo Boost