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Azada Puzzle Game - Escape From Enchanted Room. Release Titus from his magic book prison room in this fantastic game where you solve puzzles and free Titus from the clutches of his evil great uncle. Play Azada online for free right here at or download Azada and enjoy the great gameplay and fun action for the whole family on your own PC.


Azada Puzzle Game - Escape From Enchanted Room

Azada game imageAzada is a brand new puzzle game in the style of Jumangi, where you need to solve many riddles to eventually make it to the end.

In Azada, a spell has been cast by a weird great uncle against poor Titus, trapping him in a magical room. It is up to you to crack the puzzles to free Titus from his prison.

Azada game has an available detailed strategy guide which will give you great hints and tips to walk you through the game without spoiling the game fun.

With fantastic graphics, great storyline and challenging gameplay, Azada will keep you glued to your computer for hours, solving puzzles and interacting with various objects within the room to finally free Titus.

Play Azada online for free and enjoy this clever puzzle game that will kepp you engrossed for hours.

Azada Puzzle Game Hints & Tips

  • To start solving puzzles in Chapter 1, you have to click on the book on the desk.
  • Have a look around the study. Click on things to look for hidden secrets.
  • When you are at the desk make sure you click on the matchbox, trashcan, the white object below the desk and the clock.
  • Do everything right and a hidden comparment is revealed.
  • You need to find a key to unlock the box in the hidden compartment.
  • Play Azada Online For Free.