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Usually Alien games are supposed to be scary, but this game is anything but. In fact you have to help the Alien survive jumps, which is unusual but kind of fun anyway.

Play Alien, a great online platform game to test your skill. Jump from platform to platform and save the aliens. Alien game requires you to judge the speed and jump sequence and score as many points as you can.


Play Alien Game Online

Luckily this is just an online game, as who in their right mind would help aliens. I saw that movie Area 51. They looked and acted pretty scary to me. In this alien game the developers even made the alien kind of cute looking, in a big head type of way. But as stated before, thankfully it's just an online alien games, so no big deal, hey.

What you have to do in this platform game is help the aliens escape from jail. There's a series of platforms they must jump up to, some are moving, which makes it a bit tricky. As you play Alien online, you forget that they are aliens and concentrate on staying alive, jumping from one platform to the next. It's an awesome game and not as easy as it looks on face value.

Talking about faces. Do you think this alien is cute? Nah... I must have had too much Pepsi Max or smoked something that didn't agree with me. Cute... it's an alien for god sake!

Okay back to the game. There is no time limit and you have 12 lives, so you can take your time and make sure your in the right position to jump up without falling to your death. If your like me, just hit the space bar 12 times and kill em all... ha ha ha ha. Perhaps I need to see my shrink?

Click on the Start button to play then position the mouse pointer in the game field and click your left mouse button to jump. Easy to play and loads of fun. Play as many times as you want and don't forget to bookmark the page so you can easily kill the alien again. Oh, I mean so you can Play Alien Game Online again.

(Note to self: I must remember to be more politically correct. Aliens are good, aliens are good. Help them, don't kill them. Aliens are good.)

Play Alien Game Online:
Help the Aliens escape.....

Left click to jump...

Handy game hint: Static platforms are better accessed by jumping when you are directly underneath. With moving platforms you have to judge to jump a little before and you will get better with practice. Play Alien platform game often and you will be able to judge when to jump better.