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Brings ancient Japan to life in this awesome match 3 games the second in The Age of Japan series. Age of Japan 2 surpasses the first game brilliantly, introducing new power ups and colorful game play.

Play Age Of Japan 2 online right here in your own browser. It's a great game and an even greater experience..


Play Age of Japan 2 Online

Age of Japan 2 screen image. The long awaited sequel to Age Of Japan, this offering brings the usual fast paced frenzy of matching tiles game play with it's own individual theme. I find match 3 games very addictive and this is quite a good example that is more than enjoyable.

The initial stages of Age of Japan 2 seem fairly easy with some help from power ups that simply appear and bombs to blast away stumbling blocks.

But don't think it's too easy and give up because later there are obstacles and locked tiles where you really need to concentrate to eliminate the items to progress to the next level.

Age of Japan 2 is certainly one for those who enjoy a fast action game and like a challenge. Play Age of Japan 2 online below and give it a try. You won't be sorry.

Play Age of Japan 2 Online. Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • There are 2 modes of play Puzzle or Arcade
  • In arcade mode you need to clear tiles within a time limit
  • Puzzle mode allows a maximum total of moves
  • Power ups will be earned along the way
  • The broom power up can be used to sweep away an object blocking a tile
  • Play Age of Japan 2 Match 3 Game Online