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Play 4x4 Rally Racing Online

One of the best rally racing games on the internet, 4x4 rally will test your game skills to the max. Fast loading flash game, 4x4 rally is a must game for every serious race fan.

Race 4 wheel drive vehicles around a tight track and try to beat the computer opponents. There's a bit of bumping and crashing, if you use your 4x4 to best advantage you can block your opponents and win the race.


Image of 4x4 rally game window4x4 Rally Online Racing Game

This is as good as it gets, race your four wheel drive around challenging courses and compete against the computer as you slip and slide, crash and thump the other cars off the track.

4x4 rally racing has different playing levels and various tracks of ice, dirt, grass plus racing through crowded city streets that make the challenge more fun to play and gives a greater sense of adventure.

Why not get a group together and play a competition to see who can drive the best, the options are endless with this fabulous online flash game.

Play 4x4 Rally Racing Online and ejoy the competition and thrill of online racing.

Playing controls and game hints & tips

  • Use your up and down arrows to make your four wheel drive move forward and back.
  • Use the left and right keys to steer.
  • You can slow a competitors car by blocking it's passage.
  • Bump a car off the track when they try to overtake.