Sheep Tycoon Game

Who would have thought that you can become a millionaire by milking sheep? Cows, yes, but it never entered my mind that you can make money from milking sheep and processing it into a tasty cheese. Sheep Tycoon will show you exactly how it's done.

Play Sheep Tycoon Online. Keep the sheep healthy and make money from producing milk, cheese and butter. While playing this online game you will get a greater appreciation of the humble sheep. They are not just wooly jumpers on legs after all.


Sheep Tycoon

Sheep Tycoon Game Screen Shot Image Ollie needs your help with his sheep herd. He is having trouble keeping the sheep healthy and earning a living, so this is your opportunity to lend your expertise and display good time management skills and make a fortune in the sheep industry.

Sheep Tycoon is a simple game that makes herding sheep more than fun, it's also very profitable. Like every tycoon game, the main objective is to make oodles of money from milking sheep and selling the goods collected.

You have the option of selling the milk as is, or further processing the milk into butter and cheese for extra profits.

As the sheep are grazing animals, you must make sure they have enough grass to eat, so you need to shepherd them to greener pastures, as they eat the area around them down to bare dirt.

Fail to move the sheep and they will starve to death, and no budding tycoon can survive without the main source of income, which are the sheep.

Sheep Tycoon is not an overly long game so you can try and try again at your leisure. Overall you are trying to collect the greatest score you can so remember your best score and try to beat that. With good time management skills, you can become the greatest sheep tycoon that has ever lived.

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Sheep Tycoon Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Walk into the sheep to move them from one spot to another
  • Double click the sheep you want to milk
  • Making cheese gives the best profit points
  • You must give the produce to a donkey so that it is delivered to market
  • Click the donkey to give it the goods that you are holding at any time
  • You can only hold 2 buckets of milk at any one time