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Cookie Tycoon Business Simulation Game

Play Cookie Tycoon online time management sim game totally free. Make and bake your way to riches in this fabulous free business tycoon game. Hire, fire, make profits cooking delicious cakes and cookies.

This is a very good free game which will keep you engrossed for some time. It's also quite a challenge to make money when you have picky customers and theives to contend with. And there in lies the enjoyment, no game should be too easy as you need to give your brain a good workout.


Cookie Tycoon

Cookie Tycoon screenshot image Wow, how about this! You just became the proud owner of the best cookie shop in town and now you have to make and bake the best cookies and gourmet cakes to make a fortune. Perhaps "Fortune Cookies" would be a profitable line?

Like most business simulation games, it's up to you to manage the cake shop, make and bake all those yummy, delicious goodies and of course make a healthy profit.

Played over 60 days (levels), you hire and fire assistants, set prices and make sure everything is running fine.

Customers are important to every business and they are no different in Cookie Tycoon. You have to try to please the customers and keep them happy, which means you will make more profit.

The game is fairly simple to play. You choose what cakes and cookies you will make and sell. Buy the ingredients and set the selling price. Select your staff and open the doors.

At the end of each round your profit and loss statement will be shown so you can adjust the day to day operation to maximize profits or minimize your loss.

An as an added bonus, you can play Cookie Tycoon as long as you like totally free online. Now if you can just get that cash coming in, you will live a life of luxury.

Cookie Tycoon Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • You must set your cookie prices higher than the default price to make a profit
  • Don't set them too high or nobody will buy them
  • Hire people with ambition and potential
  • Hire a security guard to stop thieves
  • In game hints will help you get used to the game

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