Zombie Tower Defense 3 Game Image

Zombie Tower Defense 3

Play Zombie Tower Defense 3 and save yourself from the marauding hordes of creepy zombies.

This is the third game in the Zombie TD series and certainly the most challenging of all strategy wise. There are a few new towers with various upgrades available that will help keep the invading zombie hordes at bay and speaking of zombies, some new graphically enhanced monsters to keep the peeps scared.


Zombie Tower Defense 3 screen image Zombie Tower Defense 3 is the typical TD game where you need to kill invading hordes which are, this time, in the form of zombies.

And scared they should be too. This is a very challenging tower defense game once you have graduated from the easy peasy mode. You really do need to be right with it in the zombie killing fields or you won't last very long at all.

Zombie Tower Defense 3 might not win the Oscar for the best game of the year, but it will win many fans who enjoy a hard challenge, like to be pushed to the extreme limit and want a game that will make an hour or two pass by in the twinkling of an eye.

Play Zombie Tower Defense 3 online free below and enjoy!


Zombie Tower Defense 3 Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Upgrade towers as soon as possible
  • Upgraded towers do much more damage to zombies than lots of first level towers
  • Play a few rounds on easy mode before tackling the harder levels.
  • This will get you knowing what each tower upgrade will do.