When Penguins Attack Game

When Penguins Attack - Tower Defense Game

When Penguins Attack is well developed, with good graphics and testing layouts. The challenge for the player is to set out the towers in the right places to avoid being over run by these blood thirsty penguins.

When Penguins Attack is a fabulous game that challenges your strategy powers, but just lacks that higher difficulty factor which would give it fantastic replay value.


When Penguins Attack

When Penguins Attack Screen Image.This is a good tower defense game that probably only lacks extra replay value, where the difficulty level is raised higher and higher each time you start over.

It would have been fabulous if there was a choice of difficulty levels such as easy, medium and hard to choose from. Just something the developer may like to take onboard and think about if there is to be a sequel.

There are 6 campaigns to clear, each played on a different map, plus a bonus level where you defend your kingdom in a cemetery. Each map has around 77 levels to complete, where you must survive the penguin onslaught.

You have 25 lives, so make sure you place those towers where they will do the most damage.

Once you get the idea of what the best strategy is to employ, the game does get easier, as you will buy the best towers and place them to your advantage. Enjoy the game, as we highly recommend this tower defense challenge to all.


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When Penguins Attack Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Place your towers so the killer penguins must travel the farthest to reach their goal.
  • Use cheaper towers to block off areas.
  • Upgrade towers as quickly as possible.
  • Remember there are waves of aircraft that some towers don't destroy.