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Warzone Tower Defense Game

Play Warzone Tower Defense online, the latest strategy game with turret fighting action. New turrets, unique game modes and great layout, Warzone Tower Defense will challenge the best.

Tower defence games rely on strategy and cunning to outlast wave after wave of enemies and this fantastic effort is right up there with the absolute best tower defense games yet. Can you defend your kingdom?


Warzone Tower Defense screen shot image You certainly will need your best strategy plans to outwit the creeps in this game, and even upgrading like crazy still has you frantically defending your kingdom.

This game runs very smooth and the developer must know his code stuff and releases the memory so it doesn't bog the resources down, even when the screen is full of action.

Speaking of action, this game really gets tough after about 40 waves and your an expert if you can defend the kingdom over wave 45.

There are some very good turrets that you can use in your defense, and while nothing is totally unique the blend of turrets make for an interesting choice. The cheaper, less powerful turrets, are the only affordable ones to build at the beginning and you always must plan ahead.

Warzone Tower Defense has good graphics, some very challenging and different game modes, plus a very detailed game elements board where all the necessary information is available right at your finger tips.

As an online game, Warzone Tower Defense rocks!

Warzone Tower Defense Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Start with basic towers which can damage both ground and air creeps.
  • You can use blocks to block off passage between islands and force the creeps to travel in a certain path.
  • There are bombs you can use as last resorts if you are being over run by creeps.
  • Forcing the creeps to travel where they are under constant fire will cause more damage