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War Zone Extended Tower Defense Game

Play War Zone Extended thrilling tower defense game. Warzone Extended introduces new tower upgrades plus different map designs. One of the most difficult tower defense games ever made, War Zone Extended will push you to the limits.

The original Warzone Tower Defense was always a challenge to the best players and now the developers have made it even tougher by extending the games limits, introducing a new map and coming up with unique upgrades to the existing towers. Yes, War Zone TD Extended just became harder.

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What I particularly like about War Zone Extended is the difficulty level. With a really well developed code that doesn't bog the game down and make movement jerky, even in later levels where the action is at it highest, getting the placement of the towers right is paramount. So too is the decision what type of tower goes where. Get it wrong and the results are a forgone conclusion.

Played under the grid system, you can vary tower types so you put the enemy under the greatest fire power and arrange your defence so that the enemy takes the longest route possible to your base.

One problem is the air attack which seems to come at a much more frequent rate than the original Warzone TD. Placement of your defenses must include enough ground to air missile turrets to defend your base successfully.

Play Warzone Tower Defense Extended online below. It is very addictive and very difficult.

War Zone TD Extended is a challenging game which requires a good deal of strategy skill, patience and perseverance. This is possibly the hardest tower defense game made to date, geared toward the more experienced player.

Bookmark this page as you will want to come back time and again to attempt to win playing War Zone TD Extended.