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Village Tower Defense

Play Village Tower Defense and defend your village from greedy developers. This looks a fairly tame and easy game at first glance and the beginning three or four levels seem to be a pushover. Don't be fooled though, because as soon as you think you have this covered, the creeps take another turn and attack from a different direction.

Village Tower Defense, an excellent challenge of your best strategy against insurmountable odds.


Village Tower Defense Game Screen Shot Image. This online tower defense game emulates a familiar scenario where a greedy town mayor wants to bulldoze city dwellers houses to the ground to make way for the development of a shopping mall.

Well we don't have to roll over and play dead like a dog. We can band together and fight the greedy developers to the last man and defend our houses and our rights to freedom!

So there is the scenario for this challenging tower defense game. What makes this game a little more challenging than some is the fact that many roads lead to the tower that you must defend and you don't know which road the creeps will take. Let them through and it's game over, so you must cover all bases to continue the fight.

You do get to start each level over again if you are defeated, which is much nicer than having to go all the way back to the start. You do not carry over any towers or money from level to level, so it's like playing a new game each time.

Experienced tower defense players should find this game something fresh and new, so enjoy Village Tower Defense and knock those greedy developers who are trying to take over your city. It's a totally free game to play and enjoy online, so spread the word and challenge your friends to see if they can beat your score.


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Village Tower Defence Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Watch where the developers army enters, then place your towers on the roads that they will travel.
  • If you surround the building you must defend with defense towers you should be able to outlast the enemy.
  • Upgrading towers to their maximum will increase their range and killing power.