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Toy Town Tower Defense Game

Play Toy Town Tower Defense online and enjoy the challenge of defending your castle from a variety of ferocious creeps that threaten to make your life a misery.

One of the very best tower defense games, both graphically and strategy wise, Toy Town Tower Defense will test your ability to place towers in strategic positions and stop the marching hordes from over running your castle.


Toytown Tower Defense screen shot image Toy Town Defense gives you a hero to help with defending the castle which you can move to shoot the creeps that are the enemy.

There are 3 different heroes to choose from, each with their own special abilities. One looks like a space fighter which shoots bullets, one a wizard who drops poisonous potions and the last is a nice looking witch who's shots slow the creeps and does extra damage to bosses.

There are a few other differences with Toy Town Tower Defense from the normal tower defense games in that as creeps are killed, they randomly drop a present for you to pickup which contains a special power up prize that could help you progress through the game.

Some packages contain a prize which, when activated, takes off half life of all the creeps on the board. Other power up packages give towers double hit damage while others seem fairly useless. The big thing is to watch out for them as they really come in handy as the game gets harder and harder.

Toy Town Tower Defense is a hard game to conquer, you also have to buy power plants that give power to your towers, which take away from the money you could otherwise use for upgrades. Choose your hero well, as the hero is the main defense after about the first 4 levels.

Toy Town Tower Defense would rate very high except for the annoyance of having to click on a small map to scroll to the different parts of the playing path. I would have liked to be able to just move the mouse to shift the view, but at least you can use the keyboard arrows to move around the screen. This was the only downer in an otherwise entertaining and very perplexing game.


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Toy Town Tower Defense Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Each hero has special powers.
  • The Wizard seems to have the better killing power.
  • Make sure you collect the power up parcels the creeps drop when they are killed. They are essential to prolong the game.
  • You can only collect and keep 5 power up parcels at a time.
  • Use useless parcels to make room for the better power ups that will do more damage to creeps. Save the best parcels for later stages.
  • If you can save the nuke power up this is the best to use when you are really in trouble
  • Assign an "aura" to your hero and all towers. For example in the early stages you can assign the yellow aura which gives more money for killing creeps and then in the later stages assign the red aura which gives towers more hit power.