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Starcraft Pro Flash Tower Defence Game

In a league with the best tower defence games, Starcraft2.Pro's game is an exciting challenge of skill and strategy which ranks it up with the best of the best. Play Flash tower Defence online and enjoy the challenge, pitting your guile against a game developer who makes them difficult.

Excellent graphics and game development make Starcarft Pro a challenging and rewarding game, up there with the classic games such as Warzone Defence and Bloons. They don't get much better than this.

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Wave after wave of highly mechanized machines and brave ground forces, make you think seriously about where you deploy your defences. Get it wrong and it's all over, and we are just talking about playing this tower defense game on easy mode at the moment.

Play this game on normal and you are really in for a fascinating battle. If you can get past normal, you are in the league of champions. A master of tower Defense games and a legend. Now that we have laid down a challenge to you, will you rise to the contest or lay down and be defeated.

There's no doubt that Starcraft Pro is a game you will want to play often. Love the strategy in Tower Defense Games and this is one of the hardest around. Play this game on easy so you can learn what each tower is capable of, then work on the all important placement.

Good luck.

Starcraft Pro Tower Defense Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Do not underestimate the effect that slowing the enemy can cause
  • The Laser Tower is the most powerful and can target multiple enemies at the one time
  • If you don't have at least one Freeze Tower, you probably will find it hard to win
  • Twin Missile Towers are great but will not take you to the end on their own