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Space Invasion 2 Tower Defense Game

Strategy and skill will defeat hordes of Space Invaders in this very good tower defense game. Space Invasion 2 is not a shooting game, it is a challenging online tower defense game with multiple options and 10 levels. Can you save earth from Space Invasion?


Certain tower defense games grab you right away the instant that you begin playing them. Space Invasion 2 is that type of game. While the quality is clearly defined at the outset, with a good graphical interface, the instructions are clear and the overall game thrilling to play.

Without giving too much away, we don't want to spoil your enjoyment, Space Invasion 2 does have a certain strategy that will make it easier to defeat. That is the good part of Space Invasion 2, the choices you have to set the right strategy to take you to the end. They do cost money, but money isn't everything, right!

Space Invasion 2 is by no means easy to beat, it will take a while to set the right towers in the right positions, which makes for a good length game, and a challenging one at that. This is one online tower defense game where you can buy upgrades at the store and upgrade towers on the go.

Some of the upgrades you can buy at the store are critical items, such as the "gems" that will allow you to purchase the ultimate tower, a must have tower in the later levels.

We have included some tips below, without them being spoilers, to help you enjoy what we believe is a great tower defense game.


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Space Invasion 2 Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Visit the store after each level and buy "Tech" upgrades and gems.
  • You will have to attain certain tech levels to be able to access some towers.
  • Ultimate towers require a gem for them to be available. One gem to each tower.
  • There are 12 different towers, each with it's own capabilities and each can be fully upgraded.
  • Use all the towers as they become available so you learn what each do and then set your strategy.
  • If you don't do well on any given level, you can replay that level to earn maximum skill points and game score.
  • Slow towers give good killing power when fully upgraded but you do need a mix to play and win.
  • Remember, money isn't everything, but it helps!