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River Defense Tower Defense Game

Play River Defense the latest challenging tower defense game. River Defense is similar to desktop TD with double the waves, 3 difficulty levels plus spectator mode. River Defense is not an easy game to beat and will challenge the best tower defense players to the maximum. If you like to test your strategy skills against something mean and hard, this is the tower defense game for you.


River Defense Game Review

River Defense screen shot image Similar to the popular Desktop TD game, creeps don't follow a set path and it's up to you where you place your towers to give the best protection. As usual, every wave of creeps has that bit more resistance to your fire power, so adding more towers and upgrading existing ones is good defensive play.

River Defense has 100 levels, 3 difficulty modes, easy, normal and hard, easy on the eye graphics and just dots as creeps, so the game runs smoothly without getting bogged down as the going gets tough. There is a feature where you can watch others play to get good hints and tips from the highest scores.

River Defense is a pretty good effort and one that really frustrates the heck out of the player who thinks they are a master of defense games. On hard it is almost impossible to beat.

Are you up to the challenge? Give it a try below. It's free, so have fun, and don't rip too much hair out of your scalp when the going gets tough.


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River Defense Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Lay your towers out in a maze type grid so the creeps come under fire for the longest time possible.
  • Upgrade to the most powerful towers to maximize killing force.
  • Towers with longest range are good to have near middle of board.
  • Lure the creeps into the maze then block off an end while opening a part of the grid at the beginning, thereby making the creeps go back and forward within the maze.
  • Watch the Spectator Mode to get good hints and tips.