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Random Defence Game

Play Random Defence strategy game online. Stop creeps from over running your home. Random Defence is difficult tower defense game with 10 different maps. Place your towers in the best place to defend the map. This game looks easy yet if you don't get your strategy right you will be defeated.


Random Defence Tower Defense

Random Defence tower defense game screenshot imageRandom Defence is a tower defense game that contains 10 challenging maps. Each map gives the player many choices with varying degrees of difficulty from easy to hard.

The graphics may be fairly basic and the creeps names pretty amusing, yet the familiar game play of all tower defense games is right up there with the best challenges.

If you want a real test of skill, try the hard maps as these are quite difficult, even though the map doesn't give that impression.

Cheers to the developer for giving each map the right degree of difficulty as some developers go more for the aesthetic look and forget that a tower defense game should be all about using your best strategy skills to actually defense the exit zone.

Did I mention that Random Defence is totally free. Just let the game load below and enjoy all the action of this great tower defense game.

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Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Choose your map and click GO.
  • Position your turrets where they command the best area to kill creeps
  • Placing towers close to the entry point at the start of the game which eliminates the creeps quickly
  • Buy upgrades for towers as quickly as is possible
  • The only thing that will stop creeps in later levels is upgraded weapons