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Pixelshocks Tower Defence

Play Pixelshocks Tower Defence game totally free online and test your strategy skills against the might of many hordes of creeps.

If you want a challenge then this is the tower defense game made just for you. Pixelshocks Tower Defence certainly stretches your strategy wits right to the limit, yet good players will be able to work out a strategy to defeat the creep hordes within an hour or so of playing this fabulous online game.


Pixelshocks Tower Defence screen shot image The graphics are great and the developers have not slowed the game down any by adding unnecessary bullets, annoying sounds or anything that doesn't need to be there.

There is the option of buying certain goodies from the extras store or depositing money in the bank to gain interest, but again these are just padding and don't really need to come into play if your strategy is sound.

Like most tower defense games, Pixelshocks Tower Defence relies or your skill at placing towers in the right places, upgrading as soon as you can and keeping your nerve when the going gets tough.

Pixelshocks Tower Defence rates right up there with the best, so seeing how it's totally free to play online, why not give it a go yourself and see if you can win. You need to last 50 levels with some pretty tough creeps to fight.

Pixelshocks Tower Defence Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Start with the cheapest arrow towers
  • Replace the cheap towers with the faster shooting, Rapid Tower, as quickly as possible
  • Place 4 arrow towers then sell them when you have around $30 in the bank to buy the Rapid tower
  • Once you have the Rapid Tower add more and more of those towers and upgrade.
  • This strategy will get you through to the end of the game.