Pixelshocks 2 Tower Defence Game

Play Pixelshocks Tower Defence 2, the updated and improved tower defense game that simply rocks. Pixelshocks Tower Defence 2 is arguably one of the best developed tower defense games ever, so enjoy playing this challenging game of strategy online now.


Pixelshocks' 2

Pixelshocks Tower Defence 2If you liked the first pixelshocks tower defense game, you will simply love the sequel as it's bigger and better with more maps, more modes and more challenge.

As in all tower defense games, you place towers where you can best kill wave after wave of creeps, before they reach the end of the map. Pixelshocks' Tower Defence 2 is basically the same, yet introduces some variations that give it a distinct advantage over it's competitors.

There are 6 playing modes in Pixelshocks' Tower Defence II. Classic, Gates, Multi-Lanes, Maze, Kingslayer and Unlimited modes give a wide variety of choice with each mode having several map choices.

Some creeps have special abilities, such as the Super Creep in the Kingslayer map which is immune to all towers until you upgrade to the ultimate fast tower. He is one hard hombre to kill.

Fantastic graphics and smooth operation has Pixelshocks Tower Defence 2 right up there with my all time favorite games. Kudos to the games developer and we look forward to more and more games of this type from you.

About the only feature I would have liked to see is the ability to play the game again without having to submit the score. If your score stinks or you are defeated, a replay button would be ideal. You can hit replay before the game is over, but once it is ended, that option is not there.

Still, this is a really great game and something like a replay button is small bananas compared to the overall excellent quality and effort that has gone into Pixelshocks Tower Defence 2 development.

Pixelshocks 2 Tower Defence Game Hints, Tips

  • Place your towers where they will give maximum fire power for the longest period such as on loops
  • Upgraded towers always give greater killing force
  • Have an evenly distributed amount of towers of each type as some creeps are immune to certain towers
  • Upgrade the Rapid Tower to the max to kill the Super Creep in Kingslayer mode