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Very slick and well paced, Omega Defense 2 is a high quality game where the provocation from the enemy puts your defense skills at high alert. It's testing for good players which equates to a fantastic challenge.

The path the creeps take is not a long journey in most maps. This increases the difficulty level and stretches the resources that the player deploys to the absolute limit. It will take all your resolve to last through to the final onslaught, but we know you can.


Omega Tower Defence 2 Online Tower Defense Game screen shot image Omega Tower Defence 2 comes with 4 different maps and 5 various difficulty levels which makes this tower defense game one of the best among many good developments.

With the ability to submit your high score, Omega Tower Defence 2 gives the player many hours of enjoyment, or should that be frustration, as the harder levels really will test the best players strategy skills.

Omega Tower Defence 2 is a well rounded tower defence game with good graphics, a nice range of weapons such as lasers, artillery, missiles, slow fields and shock generators.

Creeps are various types, some fast, some slow and some creeps are large, which keeps you guessing from start to finish. This game takes a fair amount of concentration to pass.

The best part about Omega Tower Defence 2, is that it is totally free to play online below, so enjoy the action of a real good tower defense game for as long as you wish right here at itexpressions.

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Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Upgraded towers do more damage that many first level towers
  • Upgrade as soon as possible
  • You can sell lesser damage towers to buy more powerful towers
  • Use the pause button when adding towers to the map
  • Control is by use of mouse