Ninjas versus Pirates Tower Defense Game Logo ImageNinjas Versus Pirates Tower Defense Game

Don't take this tower defense game lightly, you will need your very best strategy plans in place to defeat the hordes of pirates invading your lands.

While most games in the tower defense genre follow the same basic formula, they do vary in difficulty level and layout. Ninjas Vs Pirates is different enough, and challenging enough, to satisfy the thirst for something slightly from the norm, with various inclusions that add to the overall playing enjoyment.


Ninja vs Pirates tower defense game screen shot image Ninjas Vs Pirates may not look all that exciting on the outside, but the developer has made a very challenging and totally engrossing game, which plays smoothly and tests your game skills to the max.

Ninjas Vs Pirates Tower Defense incorporates 4 maps and 3 skill levels, easy, medium and unlimited.

Towers are erected in the familiar grid style, where you force the Pirates to travel in the direction that you think will be the best path, there is no actual path that creeps follow as other TD games incorporate.

Graphics are basic, yet pleasing to the eye and the audio and effects are certainly well developed and suit the game. The game itself doesn't get bogged down when there is a lot happening on screen, with bombs exploding and creep lines being increased as the game progresses.

Difficulty is high, even when played on easy, which should suit most avid tower defense players. These casual games made with flash may not be as good as fully fledged console games, but are fantastic popular games which are usually free or very affordable.


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Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Start off playing the easy level to build a strategy plan.
  • Each tower can be upgraded by clicking on the tower which forces a popup with all necessary information.
  • Forcing pirates into water slows them down naturally.
  • Flying creeps take a straight line from the gate to the castle. Make plans to stop them on a straight path.