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This game may have a funny name, but don't let that fool you into thinking it will be easy. Munio is a real challenge with a very unique replay feature. The audio in this will warm the hearts of the most dedicated players. The thumping sound of the basic turrets is music to the ears.

As always, to survive right through to the end you will need great strategy. Use a range of the available towers and upgrade each that you deploy. Munio tower defense is one of my favorites, but the jury is still out on the unusual name.


Munio Tower Game

Munio Tower Defense Game Screen Shot Image. Munio is similar to most other tower defense games, yet brings a blend of strategy game play with unique replay options. While Munio may not be the best visual tower game ever seen, the graphics are clear and sharp and the game plays flawlessly, while testing your best strategy skills.

As you can see from the screen shot at right, graphics are not colorful, such as the popular Bloons games. It the graphics were brighter, the Munio game would rate higher on the enjoyment factor.

The unique part of this particular strategy game kicks in when you are actually defeated. Instead of being made to go way back to the start, you are given a password so you can restart again at that level.

When you re-enter, there is sufficient money allocated to rebuild enough towers to continue from that level and finish the game. That is, if you are good enough to rebuild and stop the creeps from finishing you off completely.

Munio may not make it to the top of your best tower defence list, but it is a good play on the usual game model, with just about the right difficulty level, a nice variety of towers and being played over 50 levels, about the right time duration.

Kudos to the developer for a well made and very enjoyable game.


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Munio Tower Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Upgraded towers give more killing power than installing many first level towers.
  • Choose your towers wisely and place them where their fire range will give the best shooting duration.
  • The longer a tower can keep shooting at a particular creep, the better chances of a quick kill.
  • Remember the password that is given when you run out of lives. This enables you to start from that level without going back to the start.