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Flash RPG is an excellent online strategy game which brings unique features to the crowded tower defense genre. With a grid style playing board, chance of increasing gold collection and a bit of magic, your strategy is challenged by hard to kill creeps right from the first wave.

If you lay out your grid correctly, you should find that holding back the enemy is possible, then it's a matter of upgrading your towers to deal with the growing strength that the zombie like creatures attain. This is difficult, especially after the first few levels. It's right up there with the best.


Flash RPG Tower Defense Game

Flash RPG Tower Defense game screen shot image If you want a good test of your strategy skills, Flash RPG Tower Defense is the game made especially for you. This is no easy peezy game where you mindlessly plonk a few towers and kills hordes of creeps that aimlessly follow a given path.

In Flash RPG Tower Defense, the creeps head straight for the exit point and it is up to you to create a maze that will give your strategically placed towers the best chance of eliminating all the creeps.

Excellent graphics and good technical enhancements combine to make Flash RPG one of the best tower defense games yet made. With difficulty levels that will suit all players expertise, from easy to very hard, everyone one who plays Flash RPG tower Defense will be challenged to the maximum.

It does get bogged down a touch in later stages, with so much happening on the game board at one time. The unique game features where you can call forth special aspects to help kill the creeps enhance a great game and add a touch of spice. Love the Wrath of God feature!

Anyway, it's totally free to try below so wait until the game has loaded and give this a go yourself. Don't forget to bookmark this as you will want to come back and play Flash RPG Tower Defense again and again. It is one of the best tower defense games and it becomes very addictive!


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Flash RPG Tower Defense Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Build a maze to slow the creeps
  • Upgraded towers do more damage
  • Use cheaper towers to build your maze at first, then replace strategically positioned towers with ones that give greater damage power
  • Some creeps are immune to fire and magical towers, so remember to have a balanced array and make use of all tower types
  • Build the church, when you have enough money, to receive prayer points that will allow you to call on the Wrath of God special effects