Flash Element Tower Defence game logo imageFlash Element Tower Defence

You may not like the name, or even the way the spelling of defense has been mispelt, but you will certainly love the game itself. This is a great challenge and the inclusion of research facilities expand the game play to it's maximum level.

You are threatened by rabid dogs, hungry pigs and untold trolls. Boss trolls are always difficult to kill, in Flash Element Tower Defence they are more than difficult. Place your defenses well, research the elements and save for the most powerful towers.

It's your kingdom, but you will have to fight for it.


Flash Element Tower Defence Game Review

Flash Element Tower Defence game screen shot image Flash Element TD is one of the most popular Tower Defence games around at the moment and takes a bit of skill to rack up a huge score.

While it's not impossible to beat with some good strategy, you do have to place your towers in the right position and make sure you get the best upgrades as you earn money.

There is a good range of creeps that make the game more than just interesting and the developer has included some amusing audio to keep Flash Element TD a bit light hearted, that is if you get the time to listen to what the creeps are saying.

Most creeps come out fast and furious, so you need to keep a close watch on what towers you buy and your tower placement is so important, as most tower defence games are. If you score good points you are able to submit your score and grab bragging rights, which is a fantastic feature for any online game.

Very good graphics round off an excellent game overall and the best part is that you can play Flash Element Tower Defence game totally free online. What are you waiting for? Start killing off those creeps now!


Flash Element Tower Defence Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Place towers near the starting point in early rounds
  • After each seventh wave of creeps you receive 1 piece of wood you can use for research
  • Use the first piece of wood to research he Fire tower which gives greater damage
  • Place 2 or 3 Fire towers and then save all your money to get the Rocket tower as soon as you have researched all the elements
  • The Rocket tower is the only tower with enough hit power that will get you through to the end