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Play Desktop Tower Defense online free and enjoy all the hair pulling strategy of arguably the best tower defense game on the internet. It could be argued that this was the original idea behing defense type games. I don't know for sure if you would be right or wrong, yet I do know that this was one of the first in the genre that I personally played. It seems so long ago now.

Desktop tower Defense is still one of the best. No frills, just great strategy and certainly a difficult challenge. You will enjoy this online game. You could call it a classic.


Desktop Tower Defense Game

Desktop Tower Defense screen image If you have never played Desktop TD before, you are in for a real treat. This is arguably the best tower defense game yet developed and one which has attracted an almost cult following.

Your strategy thinking cap needs to be firmly planted on the head to get a good score. Unlike many tower defense games where the creeps follow a path and you place your towers in strategic locations, in Desktop TD you make a maze from gun towers that the creeps must enter in order to invade your desktop.

Of course there is always some spoke in the wheel and Desktop Tower Defense is no different. There are flying creeps that need to be killed that don't use the maze, which must be taken into consideration when building the maze from defence towers.

You start off with a limited amount of money from which you start constructing your defense maze. There are 5 basic gun towers which all cost different amounts of cash and which all vary in damage inflicted. All towers can be upgraded so that they protect a larger area and inflict greater damage.

Creeps on the other hand grow stronger and increase in numbers as the game progresses through the 40 odd levels. It's a fairly easy game to get the hang of yet a real challenging game to survive through to the end.

The thing that is great about Desktop Tower Defense is that the developer has thought about the player and included many levels to cater for the experience factor of each person. There is easy, hard, expert, fun and challenge modes so there is one that will suit you. Why not start playing right now?


Desktop Tower Defense Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • You have to start with the cheap towers but one fully upgraded tower does a lot of damage
  • Upgrade your towers as soon as you can
  • Remember the flying creeps and plan ahead to stop them
  • The type of maze you construct will depend of your own strategy
  • You can view other peoples mazes by visiting the developers web page when you submit your score