Defend your Kingdom tower defense game logo imageDefend Your Kingdom Tower Defense Game

Play Defend Your Kingdom online tower defense game. Strategy game building towers stopping creeps. This game needs a bit of polish to bring it up to a good standard, but having said that, the challenge withing the game is very high.

Even on easy mode, Defend Your Kingdom is very difficult. You will have to endure losing a few times in order to get the idea where to place towers and how to upgrade them


Defend Your Kingdom Game Review

Defend Your Kingdom Game Screen Image Defend your Kingdom introduces a few innovations to the normal tower defense game with unique upgrades to towers and a fresh approach to elements.

Not the easiest tower defense game to grasp, Defend your Kingdom luckily comes in easy, hard and impossible modes which should suit the experience level of most avid tower defense gamers.

Impossible mode is really just for those that like a real challenge or perhaps it's for the players who like to smack themselves in the head. Man it's impossible!

As a flash game, the developer has attempted to introduce something new to the tower defense genre and has achieved a good result with the innovative idea toward the tower upgrades. As a free game, Defend your Kingdom ticks all the right boxes for development and gameplay.

The introduction pages and ending need a bit of tiding up to add a touch of professionalism to the project.

Try Defend your Kingdom yourself below. It's totally free to play online and can become totally addictive, so be careful you don't stay here all night long.


Defend Your Kingdom Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Click to buy something, click again to put it down.
  • Elements and towers may be placed on top of other towers to upgrade them.
  • Press 'unpause' to start a game and bring on the next wave of creeps.
  • Use bombs to help destroy the creeps and stop them from getting through your defenses
  • You can place different elements into an individual tower to give it fire power against all types of creeps
  • Upgrading towers is very important to halt the creeps