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Castle Tower Defense Game

Play Castle TD tower defense game online. A testing and difficult journey defending a medieval castle.

The thing I like most about Castle TD is the difficulty level. If you don't get your strategy just right, you might be lucky to last 20 levels, let alone stay in the game for the full 30.


Castle TD Game

Castle TD screen shot image. Castle TD is a well rounded turret defense game played over 30 levels with the usual smattering of difficult creeps to slay and boss creeps that make life that more challenging.

Castle TD is certainly not easy, yet with the right strategy, it can be conquered.

You start with men armed with crossbows and longbows, which have fair hit power during the early stages, but are no match for creeps that march in waves or those that can heal themselves. All men can be upgraded, at a price of course.

There are 2 super canons. One is a normal canon with powerful hit capabilities and the other a ballister tower that packs a very super powerful punch. Problem is they both have a slow firing rate and are quite costly. I'll give you a hint below which one may be the best to employ.

Graphics are good, there is 3 speed levels and the game runs fairly smoothly, even when the screen is at it's fullest with maximum amount of creeps at any one time.

Castle TD is really good fun and a great challenge for anyone who loves these strategy type games. It's free, so why not give it your best shot below. If you like it, and it's a good bet that you will, why not let others know. Have fun and enjoy the challenge of Castle TD.


Castle TD Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • It's best to pack the right hand towers with men to try and kill the self healing creeps before they enter the inner paths of the castle.
  • Use longbows in the inner towers as they have better reach capabilities.
  • Upgrading the more powerful longbows is better strategy than upgrading the crossbows.
  • A fully upgraded canon may have the strike power to get you to the final level if you have placed the bowmen in the correct turrets.
  • Remember the tip about using longbowmen and packing the right hand side towers to stop the self healing creeps before they enter the castle. Once they enter the castle they completely heal and gain supersonic speed making it difficult to kill them before they reach the end.