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The best tower defense game just got better with this fabulous expansion pack. New tracks and new challenges makes Bloons TD 4 Expansion one of the greatest ever tower defense games.

Unlock new game modes, play 3 different challenge levels, earn medals as you complete each track. Bloons TD 4 Expanded is great!

The bloons series have taken this game genre to a new high, with all the games a challenge for all. Here is a list of the series for those who have missed playing from the beginning. You should start at #1 and work your way to the latest Bloon edition. They are awesome games, one and all.


Bloons TD 4 Expanded Game

Bloons 4 TD Expanded screen image.This is not just a good tower defense game, it's absolutely awesome. Ninja Kiwi has developed many good games which we have enjoyed time and again, now he has outdone himself with this latest challenge.

What I enjoy about the Bloons series is the real challenge where you have to get your strategy just right to beat each game.

Bloons TD 4 Expansion carries on that tradition, plus introduces 4 new tracks, Sandy Spiral Track, Subterranean Sewers, the Monkey Temple and the challenging Triangle of Insanity.

This expansion also includes a new game mode called Deflation mode. You start Deflation mode with 50,000 money but you never get any more.

Then to top off all the insanity, there are Tower Specialties which you unlock after completing tracks in different difficulty levels.

Once you play Bloons TD 4 Expansion, you will see why this game is regarded among the best tower defense players as one of the more enjoyable online games developed. It has everything that makes a great game yet anyone of all levels of expertise can play and enjoy the game.


Bloons TD 4 Expansion Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • The "Tack Shooter" fully upgrades to the "Ring of Fire". A truly powerful tower.
  • A fully upgraded "Ice Tower" slows everything near it down. This tower can become your greatest asset.
  • You can sell your Dart Monkey as you progress in the game to more powerful towers that can evoke terrible damage.
  • Remember that on round 23, camo bloons must be popped with either "Road Spikes" or Mortar Towers.