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Play Bloons 4 tower defense game online for free. Bloons 4 incorporates new unique towers and improved strategy features into this, what is arguably, the best game in the series yet.

If you thought the first three games in the Bloons series were great, wait until you have tried this episode. There's nothing like a challenge and the latest Bloons tower defence game will have you biting your fingernails in frustration. Love the new ring of fire tower. It really melts many bloons at a single blow.

Then when your finished with this game, there's even more.
The next in the series is Bloons 4 Expansion Pack now online.


Bloons 4 Game

Bloons 4 Tower Defence Game Screen Image. The Bloons series of tower defense games has always been right up there with the best and this latest addition to the fleet is an absolute stand out.

Bloons 4 takes all the good features of the previous games, like the Super Monkey, and adds some unique towers to the mix, making Bloons 4 the toughest, most demanding strategy game yet in the popular series.

With new maps, harder balloons to pop and the choice of several difficulty levels, Bloons 4 takes you on a challenging war of wits. You will be pitting your best strategy skills against the hordes of brightly colored balloons that are intent on taking over your world and wiping you from history.

Who ever thought balloons would be so threatening to humanity?

Just try Bloons 4 below and you will see just what a fabulous challenge this new game in the series becomes. We have a few hints for you below that could make your journey a little easier, but don't be fooled that these hints will be your ticket to winning all levels.

This game is a real challenge and all your towers need to be placed just right to survive to the end.

Bloons 4 is highly recommended and one game that you can play for days. Love this game in the series and can't wait for Bloons 5 in the future.


Bloons 4 Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Place your towers to the best advantage on corners or bends.
  • Save enough money for a pineapple bomb at the start of levels 24 and 33. These levels start with ceramic bloons that even canons won't pop.
  • Mortar Towers will pop the ceramic bloons and are exceptional towers when fully upgraded. Several fully upgraded Mortar Towers, targeted on the same area, will evoke fearsome destruction.
  • Mortar Towers can also be retargeted to a different area once bloon waves have passed.
  • Simple Tack Shooter tower has awesome power when fully upgraded to the Ring of Fire.