Couple Dress Up game ImageBloons Tower Defense 3

Play Bloons Tower Defense 3 online for free and enjoy upgraded popular Bloons game. Bloons Tower Defense 3 features upgraded improvements and new towers with powerful attack weapons.

One of the most popular Tower Defense games yet, The new towers that are introduced here give the game that edge over it's predecessors, allowing for more challenging waves of balloons to be defeated. Play Bloons Tower Defense 3 online below and enjoy the exciting challenge of the most popular game series yet.


Bloons Tower Defense 3 Game Review

Bloons Tower Defense 3 screen shot image There are many improvements added to the latest edition in the Bloons Tower Defense series, and some brand new towers that just might make that hard level passable for some.

Now I do mean just passable for some players who really know what they are doing, as the hardest levels of all the bloons games made so far are almost, but not quite, impossible to beat.

Now Ninja Kiwi has introduced a tower that, when fully upgraded, unleashes a wave of super monkeys that sweeps the playing board clear of balloons.

Not that this will help many, as it is still very difficult to stay alive and get enough money to buy and upgrade the Monkey Beacon tower, so that you can unleash it's awesome power.

We have a few tips below that may help you out but it will depend on the decisions you make that will effect the overall outcome of this fabulous game.

We rate Bloons Tower Defense 3 the best in the series by far. This is a really fabulous tower defense game and difficult to beat on any level.

Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Do not upgrade towers during a round as you receive interest on money earned at the end of each level
  • Upgrade towers after receiving interest just prior to starting the next level
  • Consider selling lesser towers to buy more powerful towers
  • Round 20 introduces "lead balloons" which can only be exploded by either a fully upgraded boomerang monkey or a cannon. Ensure you have one of those towers before starting round 20
  • Place upgraded Beacon Towers close to other towers to give them the extra fire power that this tower generates