Couple Dress Up game ImageBloons Tower Defense 2

Sequel to the original Bloons Tower Defense now available free online. Play Bloons Tower Defense 2 turret shooting game. Pop all balloons before they exit.

Following on from the original Bloons Tower Defense game, Bloons 2 really puts the pressure on from start to finish. With the introduction of some new defence features, such as road spikes, a boomerang and tube of super glue, you could be forgiven if you think this will be easier than the first. Think again and don your thinking cap. Bloons 2 will challenge all.


Bloons Tower Defense 2 Game Review

bloons tower defense 2 screen shot image If you think your pretty good playing tower defense games, then playing Bloons Tower Defense 2 on "hard" is certainly going to test your best strategy skills.

Bloons Tower Defense 2 introduces a couple of new defense tools from the original, a boomerang throwing monkey, some monkey glue that will stick balloons to one spot and road tacks, which can certainly come in handy when your being overwhelmed.

Designed with easy, normal and hard levels, Bloons Tower Defense 2 has just about the right degree of difficulty for all levels of players, so you don't have to be an expert right from the word go, you can ease into each level as you gain experience.

As a pure tower defense game, Bloons 2 is well developed, players smooth enough on a not to quick connection and is visually pleasing.

If you get some thrills from popping balloons, your going to love playing Bloons Tower Defense 2 as there are thousands to get your jollies from.

Do I like this game? You bet I do, so if you'll excuse me for an hour or more, I still have to beat this frustrating game on hard. Perhaps I'll surface again in a year if I'm lucky.

Enjoy Bloons Tower Defense 2, but don't become addicted to it like I am, will you!

Bloons Tower Defense 2 Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • You will need the buy a canon before round 20 to break the lead shield
  • Upgrade and upgrade like mad to fend off wave after wave of Bloons
  • Don't rule out using the road spikes when the going gets tough
  • Sell towers to buy the Super Monkey when you can