Couple Dress Up game ImageBloons Tower Defense

Play Bloons Tower Defense game online and pop till you drop! Can your monkeys bust all the balloons in time? Free online tower defense game, Bloons is fabulous fun for the whole family.

You play Bloons over 50 levels of frantic tower defense fun. It isn't easy by any means and you will need your thinking cap on from start to finish.


Bloons Tower Defense Game Review

Bloons Tower Defense Game Screen Shot Image You don't have to kill a mountain full of creeps to have fun with a tower defense game, Bloons challenges you all the way to erect towers in the right places to pop wave after wave of balloons.

Developed by Ninja Kiwi, Bloons Tower Defense isn't unique within the tower defense game genre, but is fresh and somewhat different in using dart throwing monkeys and a few innovative towers.

If you can last long enough to buy Super Monkey, now there's something that is really unique.

Some balloons have other balloons inside them so you have to pop them twice, tree times, or some even more, before they are eliminated.

Below the game we give a few strategy hints for playing Bloons game, but not enough to absolutely spoil the game for you, just enough to help you on your way and perhaps allow you to last longer than 30 levels.

At least you get to manually call each wave of balloons yourself, so you have time to regroup and place towers if the need arises between each wave.

Bloons Tower Defense gets a huge thumbs up and we hope you enjoy this fabulous free online tower defense game, as much as hundreds of other visitors have done before. This is just the first game in the Bloons series. Each one gets harder and more complex, but this is hard enough for starters.

Bloons Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Always upgrade towers as quickly as possible
  • Tack Towers are good to use to pop balloons that contain other balloons within. This allows the dart throwing monkeys to be more efficient
  • Ice towers freeze balloons, but while the balloons are frozen they are immune to darts and tacks. Make sure you have a cannon in range before deploying Ice Towers
  • Try to get the Super Monkey, but don't forget that you still have to kill the next wave of balloons.
  • Perhaps buying towers or cannons is better than saving your money for a Super Monkey, then selling them when you have plenty of towers and are repelling each wave.