Couple Dress Up game ImageBitmap 2 Tower Defense Game

Play Bitmap 2, the new and improved turret defense game that is a most challenging yet enjoyable battle of strategy. For those of you who like a challenge with tower defense games, Bitmap TD+ should satisfy your thirst for difficulty and innovation.

There are certain turrets you need to place, such as air defence turrets, by particular levels to avoid total extermination. Yet you need to hang back on deploying those same turrets too early, as you could face the same end fate, just a bit faster. Bitmap 2 is very good and worth playing, even for the best tower defence players.


Bitmap TD + Game Review

Bitmap TD + screen shot image To say this latest effort by the developer of the original Bitmap Turret Defense is improved is rather an understatement, this latest development is far superior and up with the very best turret defense games yet made.

I like the difficulty level and strongly suggest to the best strategists and experience tower defense players to try the easy mode before jumping into the deep end with this one.

Doing this will not only give you a change to get the feel of the various turrets, it will also allow you to gauge the creeps defenses and the different personalities the creeps possess.

Some creeps are slow and strong while others are quick, which makes them harder to kill. Good turret placement is a priority, as is the usual upgrading of turrets so that they have more killing power.

Bitmap TD + is now one of my favorite tower defense games and I am sure it will also quickly become one of your favorites. Enjoy this, as it's really good.

Bitmap TD + Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Ensure you have one Air Turret by round 9
  • Rounds 16 through to round 20 are difficult, so spend all your cash on turrets to stop the creeps
  • Water turrets slow creeps but don't have much killing power. You have to decide if the money would be better spent on a killing turret or on slowing creeps down.
  • Place your turrets where they will fire continuously on the creeps for greater killing efficiency.