Bio Bots Tower Defense Game Logo Image. Bio Bots Tower Defense

Colorful tower defense game BioBots stretches the imagination and tests your strategy skills. You can't say that this latest tower defense game called Bio Bots isn't colorful, plus the unique story line does make this appealing to at least give it a go.

Bio Bots will challenge the best players at first, just because of the unique towers you have at your disposal.


Bio Bots Tower Defense Game Screen Image. Unfortunately, Bio Bots doesn't go that extra mile and make things absolutely difficult to beat as great tower defense games do. While it is challenging at first, once you take note of the pattern for each wave, a good strategist can quickly work out the best way to defeat the oncoming hordes.

Full credit must be given to the developer for creating such a colorful and interesting game.

Bio Bots introduces you to the world of waste management and instead of the usual shooting of creeps from the tower, Bio Bots is a trash sucking machine designed to clean the environment of ugly junk laden paths, so if you place your Bio Bots in the right areas, clean paths will be the end result.

Of course there are a few twists to the game, such as each colored piece of junk will be sucked up quicker if you employ like colored towers. There are towers that will slow the junk and a tower that will freeze them momentarily, but it is your strategy which will win the game for you.

With 3 skill levels and 3 different maps, Bio Bots will keep you entertained for an hour or two.

I can't say that Bio Bots is the best tower defense game I have played, far from it, but it does challenge you for a while. The only downside is that once you figure out a good strategy for the easy level, the medium and expert levels are then too easy.

Ah well, we all like a challenging tower defense game, but Bio Bots is one for the less experienced. I won't say it's rubbish because that would be too much of a pun. :)

Give it a go below. It's free to play so it's certainly good value.

Bio Bots Tower Defense Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • You need a balance between basic towers and more powerful towers until you start accumulating enough money for upgrades
  • You don't get the paralyze tower until you play the medium level.
  • Like colored towers will only damage the same colored trash.
  • Colored towers are more powerful but they are more expensive.
  • Upgrading is always the best strategy.